The Clown

Here’s my latest speed project; I’m trying to get as good results as possible in one day (or less) projects. Dyntopo for the head, regular polymodeling and multiresolution sculpting for the rest.
I spent about 8 hours on this, roughly 3 hours on the sculpt and modeling and the rest of that time was trying to get a good hair setup and the render tests.

Rendered in cycles, minor post and color correction in photoshop.

There’s 2 versions: black and white and color. Which one do you like best?
Crits and comments welcome.

¡ey! paso a dejar buenar energía man, ambas versiones me agradan, pero prefiero la de color ya que es la que empeñaste más esfuerzo ¡es genial que logrará concluir el trabajo en la fecha límite! uno puede lograr muchas cosas con mucho juicio, siga con esa motivación!

ey man I pass to leave good energy, I like both versions, but I prefer most the color version since is where you put more effort,
Is great you achieve your goal to finish this work inside to the deadline! we can achieve a lot of things with a lot of discipline, keep with that motivation!


I agree that the color one looks better. The BW one is a little bit washed on the (viewers) left side of the face and the ear. It would be nicer if we could see some form in that area.

Overall it looks really good. It looks just like a puppet though I’m not sure if you were going for that or not :stuck_out_tongue:

For to be a speed work, it is very good, congrats!

@joseperez, thanks man. Yeah that’s the idea, to keep motivated and focused.

@aaronmcavinue, I wasn’t trying to make it look like a puppet, but now that you mentioned it, it does look a LOT like a puppet :stuck_out_tongue:
I should check those exagerated proportions next time hehe.

@Madrid82, thank you Sergio, it means a lot coming from you :slight_smile:

Here are some of the test renders I did, the ones that survived anyway…