the coffee time

Hi everybody. I started yesterday make a coffee machine…
give me your opinion what else I can add to the scene before I start texturing.
welcome any criticism.


Looks very nice, is a wireframe possible? :slight_smile:

Looks very nice, is a wireframe possible?

Thanks, DDD. of course…here you are:


:frowning: … Thanks, but that is not a wireframe… This is a wire mode view in Blender. What I was asking for is something along the lines of taking a screenshot in edit mode, or a wire render with optimal view enabled in the subsurf modifier. Here is a tutorialon that if you want to make a pretty render.

Is that a keurig coffee machine?

DDD,sorry…i did a new wireframe shot.

s that a keurig coffee machine?

it’s Phillips Senseo

hey DDD, your always asking for a shot in edit mode :wink:

and great model BTW, whens the materials coming?

great model BTW, whens the materials coming?

thanks, i think start it tomorrow

awesome, cant wait :slight_smile:

Cuz that is were the important information lies! :wink:
You cant make out the topology from a wire-mode screenshot at all.

But yeah Grondo, looking good.

it’s a first test render.200 pass.
not all texture made yet…please, make comments


the beans are a bit too dark and/or not shiny enough. Or, they can be that dark, but they should be more shiny. I roast coffee beans at home. When coffee beans reach the stage of roasting that they are that dark (usually that would qualify as French or darker I think), they start to release oil on the surface, which makes them a bit glossy. This does not happen at lighter roasts, though.

Probably more information than you needed, but there you go!

ok. thanks, Kemmler.

I can almost see a commercial in the making.

Make the button glow! :slight_smile:

it’s a next render. i tried to take into account the comments and add a bit of the environment…