The Comic Book is the Message

As part of a college assignment, I made this short comic about comics as a medium.
Check it out, I think someone might find it interesting:

(It’s very much like Scott McCloud if you’re familiar with his work)

I found it interesting. :smiley:

Actually, i’ve written some stuff about comics as well, tho none of it is on the web, but there are a lot of really interesting comparisons you can make to comics and other types of media. I don’t know if i would agree to the notion that comics and TV are both “cold” media, as you say, in that TV generally (and especially in the past couple of decades) is a lot more detailed and requires the viewer to imagine much less, at least compared to comics. I guess it would depend on the budget the show had, hehe.

The way i see it, you’ve got Film on one end of the spectrum, then TV, Live Theater, Comics and then Written media like novels. You could probably swap Live Stage and Comics around… i’d say they’re pretty close as far as viewer participation goes. The interesting thing about comics, tho, is that they’ve basically got the best parts of all of those other mediums combined. They’ve got the potential for detailed art and panoramic views (like Film), yet you’re able to deal with a tightly cropped shot as well (like TV), you can exagerate the gestures and acting of the characters (like Live Stage) or keep it refined and minimal (like Film again), but at the same time, you can literally see what it is that people are thinking (like Written media).

And now that i’ve gone on for two paragraphs i think you can see that i read a lot of comics, hehe. I assume your instructor has had you read some comics for your class for discussion? My only crit, if you’re interested, is that the text ends up really small on the web, but if you’re printing it out it’s probably easier to read on paper. I’d be interested to know what, if any, comics you’ve read for this class. I could probably suggest a few that would be academically interesting. :smiley:

Actually, we didn’t read any comics in this class… :wink:

Hi-res version now available for download: