The Complete "Game Development with Blender" Book. Now Free.

Very nice! Thank you.

Awesome! Exactly what I was on here looking for. Thanks.

Very generous. Thank you.

Tkz a lot …
Downloading right now !!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Why are the text files in .md format? Why not a more usuable format like pdf?

The Markdown files are the book’s “source” basically. It arguably is the most “usable” format. You can read it in any text editor (even better if the text editor supports Markdown rendering… many do) and you can easily convert these files to a PDF or ePub with tools like Pandoc. And since this book was so generously released under a Creative Commons license (and it’s on GitHub), it’s easy to fork to add your own corrections and additional sections if you’d like.

Is this the book from Dalai and Mike? I bought it just recently…probably 3 months ago it is probably extremely useful for anyone just getting into game dev with blender, but since I have previous experience in many(ok, like 4 :)) other game engines I really got nothing out of it…still I highly recommend it for those new to the BGE, as well as this link of an old website…not sure if it is still maintained…I still go there from time to time.

I converted all md files into a pdf file. All in one with bookmarks.

I just read like the first chapter and it’s a great book for anyone just getting into blender.

Thank you! Much appreciated.

I need to find another way to convert this to a PDF File.

Thank you!

Can’t download the pdf from mediafire for some reason, is there an alternative?