The Concrete Jungle


this looks like a toon scene … nice work !!!

im loving the cartoony look you decided to do here; this street really feels lived in and natural! the greenery seems flat however, so im sure that wrapping them around the buildings walls will make the moss less tacked on. regardless, you did a great job with this, and i cant wait to see more!

The only thing I think you need to do is make it so the ivy looks like it has some depth and curvature, make it look like it’s adhering to the wall. The flat plane look you’ve got now stands out too much, and doesn’t flatter what’s otherwise a great scene.

Thank you for the critique I have gone back and gave it a go, the picture has been updated if you want to take look.

Yeah I was not too happy about it either on a second look, have gone back and updated the picture if you wanna take a look, thank you for the critique.

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Looks better, but it still looks a little flat. You need a loamy look to it.

Look at the way people do more photorealistic ivy. Instead of layering a bunch of planes on top of each other, take a bunch of smaller pieces, and place them out at angles from the base. Kinda like this.

i would be happy to see the new photo!