the core [detailed modeling]

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

hi blenderheads
last night i was sleepless again, i started something very complicated and detailed. i’ve never done anything like that. of course it’s done completly in blender [no postprocessing besides the small text].
it’s my new wallpaper now, hope you like it :slight_smile:

i rendered it for 2 resolutions:
[post here if u want more, maybe you need a new blended wallpaper :wink: ]

any comments?

(kaktuswasse) #2

like i said in #blenderchat. That’s just cool, I think i’ll take it as wallpaper ,too.
The light is pretty awesome.

cya henrik

(garbager) #3

very good modelization !
the light is excellent too !
add good textures, and you could even use it on a motion picture ! :slight_smile:
I simply love it :smiley:

(Ecks) #4

WOW :o very good modelling and lighting! Kepp up the good work. (it is now my wallpaper…I removed the one that I made…

(eeshlo) #5

Fantastic modeling and lighting! Very detailed, great work @ndy!

(VelikM) #6

It seems you exceded your hourly bandwidth, and your site is unavailable.

(rogerm3d) #7

nice, no make that amazingly nice
love the light and modeling.
my new background. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Friday13) #8

WHOA!!! :o :o
Great modeling/lighting!
(New background!)

(Dittohead) #9

WOW amzing!!!

(Goofster) #10


maybe you can post it on or something. great publicity

(valarking) #11

awesome. i want to see more of this! keep blending! one hell of a pic!

(ectizen) #12

Most nice :smiley:

With stuff like this around, it’s finally time to replace my wallpaper.
I’d like to request a 1600x1200 version :slight_smile:

(microman) #13

i must say, definatly well detaled. vary cool.

could i buy it from you?

P.S. no i’m just kidding

P.P.S. keep it up!!!

(slikdigit) #14

an animation?

(blengine) #15

this is a perfect example of stuff i wish i could do! :o u are amazing man…a total inspiration to learn mechanics/architecture…im gonna start today 8)

(LohnS) #16

Dude! you inspired me so much aswell!

I’ve start on something like yous, sorry if its a bit copied with details and stuff, but its just practice, like learning do draw by looking at other ppl’s drawings till you form your own style.


(Andy Goralczyk) #17

here’s a new resolution:
[i wish i had such a big screen :o ]

thank you all for the great positive comments :smiley:

(sten) #18

hey andy again !!

I do have 19 inch screen and can have such resolution…hehe… :stuck_out_tongue:

and this work of yours…amazing details…and the light and shadows
is awsome…

I know how important the lightsetup for nice shadows can be…
but most people doesn’t know how easy it is and use GI setup
mostly…so I wonder how you achive this nice light/shadows ?

truly yours,

(Andy Goralczyk) #19

easy? well… it’s VERY easy to get a good lighting.
many ppl don’t mess around with the light settings in blender, i try to discribe how i did the lighting for this [and many other] scenes.
i used 3 different lightsources:

  • a simple spot light with a soft value of 10.000, color: white
  • another spot with a soft value of 1.000 [for the hard shadows], color: white
  • the 3rd spot has a soft value of 10.000 again but the color is a very light blue [to simulate the light coming from outside]

the most important thing for the shadows is the bias value of the spotlights [you can find them above the soft value in the middle of the lamp buttons] i turn it down to 0.050 mostly [0.010 when i’m not using SubSurf]

i hope that helps…

(valarking) #20

whew, what was the render time on that? :wink: