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Hi … this time I try to follow the scene that is in photo reference by MMstudio Architect,
and models by Andy Prasetyo

Blender Cycles + Ps
Samples : 1250
Res : 2325 x 1545 px

hope you like it !..


Nice result copying the photo reference.

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I dont like u have no real forest, just a hdri or plane.

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right … because i just use Hdri :sweat:

thank you…

Without you putting photo reference up in the top of the second picture I could not tell which one was the photo and which one was the render. I suspect both of these are pictures that your trying to pass off one as a render… haha. Really good job. You copied essence of the reference perfectly, and added a little of your own character to yours (the rug is a nice touch).


haha…thanx you

Pretty nice.

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You nailed it.
Looks almost exactly like the reference.
Great job.

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I would Recommend using Backdrops for the Forest in the Background (Poliigon or Textures.com) because at the Moment the Hdri is scaled too Big for the Rest of the Scene… I mean its lighting loooks great but some trees like the one behind the Chair look way too big for the Scene. For everythimg else… Great Job :smile:


thanks you

oke thanks

Great image! But also agree that the scale of the background is slightly too large. Trees should be somewhat smaller and perhaps with some 2d planes trees, it could be possible to add a bit more depth, especially since some of the lightest values in the image (and hence a lot of the initial focus for the eye) - the chair and the pillow - are set against the external background.

Also, try to match the light of the exterior scene to the light you have coming into the living area. - direction, shadow intensity, etc.


ok thanks for the advice, then I will try my revision:+1::+1: