The Cosmonaut

“The cosmonaut” Jeremy Geddes fenart. Software used: Blender, Zbrush, Xnormal, Indigo render, Kolor autopano, Canon 550i…, PS. Enjoy :wink:


Really phenomenal work, Aleksander! I saw this image on the Indigo website earlier this year and was very impressed by it. The image is very lifelike. The textures and modeling are very good, and the lighting integrates well with the background. Was the HDRI map the only lightsource in the scene?

5 star work!

Nice!! very nice! it almost has sound!! :slight_smile:

I like that picture, It’s alive ! The framing is well done, very dynamic. Great picture !

I love the art of Jeremy Geddes…and really like your interpretation! Great work.

O_o great work, very inspiring


So good! :slight_smile:

outstanding, the best work I’ve seen here in quite a while.

That’s amazing!
Have no idea what’s going oe a reference to Gravity, or a reference to some news story I haven’t heard about, or maybe doves and plants just beat cosmonauts all our. There are so many theories…
As for the render, the only thing that looked weird was the water, it looked a little low-res.
Strong modelling and render, my vote for the feature row!

incredible i like so much!! i hope some day get to that level!

Hi again!
Thank you for your kind comments!
James Candy: the HDRI was not the only light source in the scene.
Benjamin Dod:I tried the fluid sim more than fifty times, that one was my last choice :slight_smile:
I have made this fantasy artwork for Indigo render competition but i missed the deadline.
The weather we had at that time was outstanding! :slight_smile:
However love competitions, they really seem to push the limits.
If anyone is interested, I can share the HDRI map and the background image…

This is stunning. Is it possible for you to upload the .blend file? I would love to take a look. Feature row, NOW!

5 stars for me :slight_smile:

Breathtaking picture! Excellent!


Really cool work! Eye catching composition :slight_smile:

Excellent! This is a really great piece of work!

Very nice! Whats the story behind it? :eyebrowlift2:

Consider it as an rorschach inkblot. It’s whatever you project onto it :eyebrowlift2:

BTW thank you all :o

Awesome render, you can almost see the motion in it. 5 stars from me.