The Covenant have arrived!

Not sure how many of you have followed the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) at but the final episode played out only half an hour ago.

For the audience, we’ve learned the characters inimately-
*Jersey the 17 year old computer nerd whose father was in the Signal Corps. Durga comes crashing onto his home server.
*Durga (Yasmine) the rouge military AI who seems omniscent.
*Jan the daughter of a Special Special Forces operative whose unit was called the Spartans.
*Kamal the Chatter (advanced cell phone) hacker.
*Rani the young detective who gets hired by Oni, the research branch of the military.
*Herzog, a Colonel at Oni who seems to know all the inside information.

It’s kinda sad that it’s all come to an end. Maybe some people from the Blender community went out into the world, looked up GPS coordinates and timestamps, and answered questions, played games, or sung songs over the telephone to voice actors.

This ARG has lead to the release of Halo 2. It’s the story leading up to the Covenant presence on Earth. Hey maybe we’ll see some of these characters in in the game :slight_smile:

If you want to jump straight into the audio drama, you can find them here at just know that chapter 12 (the last chapter) may not be compiled on that page yet.

fine, I will reply.
Halo 2 will be great, going to play on Live all night.

The i love bees stuff was awesome, and kind of creep at the same time.

Reminds me a little of the Blair Witch website that went up before the movie came out and had some people (albeit the not so sharp ones) convinced something was really happening in those woods.

yea I followed the I love bees thingi since the beginning of the summer when the theatrical trailer came out.

I preordered my copy of halo2, and next week me and my friend are gonna have a nice xbox lan party :smiley:

can’t wait for tuesday!