The Cow of the Future!

(SeaCigar) #1

:smiley: lol, this will be great, if done properly. I’m just posting that I will be making a cow, with cybernetic implants, in key parts, like the udder, tail, stomachs, etc ( I may have to make a cutaway view;p ) Nothing actually exists yet, but I will continue to post as I complete more steps.

Thanks for sutabi, and all the crazy artists at the chat board for the Idea;)

(Pooba) #2

There should be an ideas in progress forum…

(CurtisS) #3

Maybe use the mother robo-saur in “The Hunt” as inspiration. Maybe hydraulic fluid can come out of the udders. Don’t forget the Gateway sponsership decal on the side. :smiley:

(Sutabi-old) #4

LOL! didn’t think you would go with it lot so poeple just talk and no show…Cant wait!!! btw Your welcome :slight_smile: