The croc

Ah, yet another piece done for the stylized animal challenge on the threedy forums.
This poor croc has never caught a fish before… i think he’s too stupid… too stupid that even the fish are not that afraid!
I hope u like it
oh and this work is a mix of Blender ( modeling, texturing, rendering ), Mudbox ( bump maps )
and Photoshop ( post production, color correction, background…etc )


Ooh!! I like!

Thanks, i’m glad u liked it :slight_smile:

great job! I really like look of the underwater part. The only thing that looks off to me is that the big bubbles are too blurry.

Run little fish, run!
5 stars from me.

Really very nice. I prefer the pictures with story behind. And this is the very one.

That’s really nice. I really like the style and composition.

Looks awasome. I liked.

Love it :slight_smile:

Thanks for passing by :slight_smile:

Great Image! My only crit is that bubbles are blurry, but crocodile’s legs arent?!? It would look much better other way around!

Great job! 5 stars from me!

Great one, congrats.
5 stars.

Thanks for passing by folks! I’m really happy you liked it :slight_smile:

Well, just to have an idea of how I composited it…

wow…not what i expected to see…the crock looks almost 2d. Good work here.

Great image! Nice style

I couldn’t know that. but nice stuff.

Real nice; i think the bubbles are the wrong colour, and the fish eyes are too cartoony, but everything is is superb! Welldone.

I actually love their eyes.
The ccrocodile shader is a little unconvincing, but over all, very nice image.
4 stars, keep it up man.

Thanks a million, I hope this one wins first place… fingers crossed!