The Cross of Christ (.blend added)

The render time was about 2 1/2 hours. I think there were over 5 million faces in the final render. All textures are procedural.

Large (1050*1500) version:

C&C welcome.


[edit] Here’s the .blend for the picture. I hope it’s helpful!
[edit edit] The savefile .blend is no longer active, and I am missing the original file. I will update this post if I find it.

It looks very good, like an exhibit at a black and white photography show.

Why so many faces - because of subdivision?

excellent work, especially the texture… can you post a *.blend of the texture? Please.


Displacement? Good job :slight_smile:

I’d have needed 24verts for the cross.
nice result though


Good job, the crown of thorns is a really nice touch.

Guess that you’ve used a great deal of displacement. That really adds to the image.
Simple, yet good. More contrast would make it a bit more edgy and stylistic, which
would be nice, IMO.

I can also relate the whole idea behind it, but that’s a different matter anyway.
Nice image!! :slight_smile:

oh. I didn’t notice the crown yet. only on the larger version.

Its a nice project but there’s not so much to comment on the model.

Three stars.


In our old church there was a robe that looked like the one Jesus would’ve worn draped over the cross. This is good too.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

@War: Yes, it was the subdivision. I had rendered one version and thought it needed a higher subdivision level, and I knew that would really increase rendertimes, so I just increased all the subdivision levels (rendered this overnight) and hoped that it would be done by morning!

@simhar: Thanks, I’ll see what I can do about a .blend. It probably won’t be posted until tomorrow, though.

@jackblack: Thanks! The back wall mesh is actually completely flat, and the ground is fairly smooth as well, so there’s a lot of displacement in this image. :slight_smile:

@Jacco: I’m not exactly sure what you mean about the 24 verts, but I’m glad you think it’s not just terribly done. I agree with you, though, it is rather simple in composition and content.

@Peasley: Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

@The M.h.p.e.: Yeah, I had to depend a lot on displacement because I’m too lazy to model the ground. You have a good point about the contrast, also! I may go back and do a tiny update there…

I also wanted to make an image that people could really think about and “relate” to, so I’m glad you thought that. Thanks for posting. :slight_smile:

@Cyborg Dragon: Thanks! I thought about putting a lot of different objects in that were related to the Crucifixion, but I was kind of afraid it wouldn’t work out well, so I just left it simple.

A very simple scene but due to the impressive texturing work, I still like it a lot. I’m also very interested in the settings and procedurals you have used here.

Other than that, as M.h.p.e stated, it is a little monotonous and some more contrasts would help, I think. As far as the modeling and rendering goes, I have nothing to say and just want to tell you again - impressive work on the displacement :slight_smile:

very interesting. I’m not religious, but still find this piece very interesting. Nice comp and design 4 stars.

Very good…

@Myke: Thanks; I tried messing with the contrast yesterday, but it turned out that it would require more than a simple brightness/contrast filter in the Gimp, so for the moment I’m just going to leave it as it is.

@Framedworld: Thanks, I tried to keep the composition simple, but good. I’m glad you like it.

@free_ality: Thank you!

For the people who want to look at the materials, I’m going to add the .blend to the original post.


Wow, impressive use of displacement.


This is a great image. Very strong. Have you thought about how you might use it? I am thinking there must be Christian groups that could use an image like that.

humm pretty unique styled picture, and the effect on the cross is pretty interesting… I get this poster feeling from the bg of the pic…

btw dunno if you forgot it or something but there was a sign “King of the Jews” on Jesus’ cross I think.

I love this piece, I’ve been looking all over for fresh christian imagery (unlike the usual cheesy cliche stuff) this rocks!!

Nice work!

@Leichim: Thanks! Getting the background halfway good was probably the most difficult part of this image.

@3Distracted: Thanks for the comment! I’ve thought about it a little bit. If people want to use it, though, I might be able to put it under a creative commons license…

@toonist: Thanks, I made the image with the possibility of prints in mind, so I guess it’s good it had that “poster feeling”. :slight_smile:

I had thought about putting that and more in the image, but I got lazy and also didn’t want the image to be too complex; just a simple, well portrayed image.

@denshidan: Thanks! Personally, I really didn’t want my image to fall into a cliche, so I’m glad you said that. :slight_smile:

@spacestrudel: Thank you! I’m glad you like it.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!