The Cross

Experimenting with glossy, emission, transparent and translucent shaders, and smoke particles as well.

Any criticism would be greatly appreciated!


That is a very interesting abstract-graphic idea: subtle, tasteful, thought-provoking. Technically well-done.

I also notice that it “plays very well even as a thumbnail,” on the main forum page. Always a good thing.

The only thing I’d like to see is for the edges of the cross itself to be sharp. (You might try superimposing a sharp copy of the cross onto the cross, thus giving it the apperance of being surrounded by a glow. It just makes my eye a little uncomfortable that “the subject of the picture” is not in tack-sharp focus. (But, maybe that’s just the old photographer in me …)

Thank you so much! I will certainly take your advice for a future project :smiley: