"The Crosswalk" Riggers/Animators Sign up now!

Ok, Welcome to my Open Movie Project! Or rather Our open movie project. The rules are simple. If you want to add your models or talents in any area post here. I will keep you up to date as to what is going on so if you want to jump in and help with 1 model thats fine. Read on and I will explain more in recent posts. At least untill I get the official site up.

Please visit www.blenderprojects.com for more.

Haha! Sounds funny! Can’t wait to see more of this project! :smiley:




Hmm…I think I will model this is Clay before I do it in 3d. That way I can mark it for 3d modeling. Im going to the hobby store. Check back!

Grr the hobby store was out of Clay. Im gonna check Hobby Lobby in the morning.

Sounds like a great idea. For my short I was going to do the same clay-modeling thing, but never got around to it. Hopefully your clay skills are at least as good as your Blender skills. :smiley:

I worked in clay way before I ever picked up blender. I dont have my tools anymore but I can make more or buy some. I will definatly post pictures of my progress and maybe make a small tutorial to show how I do it. Keep checking back.

Excellent just keep it up… i have a good feeling abt it…

Thank you

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I could not find modeling clay to save my life. 2 weeks to order it SHEESH!

So I figured I would just model it and see how it comes out.



Im almost done with the head. I need a little more work around the eyes.

I hope I can finish him and have him Animated tonight.

I fixed around the eyes





Here is the model for anyone who wants it.


You can get the raw .blend or i put it in .rar for you slow pokes.

Looking good. :smiley: No crits from me. Looking forward to an animation…


Ok…First off I want to finish this animation. Fact is I dont have the proper skills needed to make that guy walk. Can someone help me please. I will credit anyone who helps. Or if you guys want I can make this a team effort. I know I know teams dont work well on elysiun…Well my teams do. I have made two projects as team leader. Two games. Megaman vs Mario and Megaman vs Sonic. the latter is almost done (still need to work out some bugs with the sonic character.) But I have the webspace and bandwith to carry this project.

So this is a call for help. Great thing about joining my team is that any model is taken is and has a 75% chance of being used. Mainly because some models may not look right next to the others. or it might just suck.

I will post a list of models I need here and if you want to make one I will credit you for it in the closing credits.

List as of Saturday, June 18 2005

Cars…Not realistic cars I need more cartoony looking round and small tires.
-5 diffrent delivery trucks 1/needs a viewable driver
-2 types of taxis 1/needs a viewable driver - 1DONE
-5 types of 2 door cars 1/needs a viewable driver - 1DONE
-5 types of 4 door cars 1DONE
-2 types of hatch backs
-3 semi trucks
-1 pizza delivery car
-1 mail truck
-2 motorcycles /w rider
-1 Garbage truck

Street props.
-mailboxes DONE
-streetlamps DONE
-news paper machines DONE
-fire hydrant DONE
-cross walk light DONE
-trashcans DONE
-phone booths DONE

I will add more as i need and post what I have so far.

Remember you dont have to join and work till the movie is done. If you want to make a car and thats all FINE! I dont care you will still get credit.
So thats why my teams work so well you can come and go as you wish.

I think as the project gets further along more people will help.

Oh BTW textured or not is OK! and polys I dont care about. I just built a p4 3.0 ghz with Ati graphics to render this movie with. Thats all the CPU is for!
I will post pics of it later.

Also Can someone make the offical website. I will put it up as soon as I get it!

Hmm, this would give me something to do while I take a break from my short. How simplistic/cartoony do you want the models? Maybe some concept art or similarly styled images created by others?

Ok i will post some sketches tonight, no problem at all!

And tomorrow being fathers day I may not be on here till after 5 or 6 pm

Or you can catch me on irc #blenderchat.

i’m off for half a week but i want to model a car( maybe 2)
seems like a challenge to achieve a very cartoony look.
what about a slightly purple dark red limousine, old style, a bit hot rod?

some sketches would be a good idea. this sounds like an intresting project I may try to make car for you it would be a real chalenge for me as my modeling skills are week. the guy with hat and glasses looks great.


Ok here are a few sketches I did. I had to marker them to scan so they look kinda “off” Im sure you can see the general direction i want to take with these.

And about cars that are not on the list-If you can make them with the same -feel- as those, then its all good!