The Cube-A blender Animation

The famous Blender cube! here it is in full HD (actually in 480p…)


You could make this into a demoreel!

LOL ahahahahahah yes!!!

Amazing right? lol hahahaha

Hahaah! Thanks for the laughs, you guys! All of you!
Hoooo… i like this thread :D.
You should consider to join on the team for the next blender open movie, BShep!

I would love to!!! that would be awesome!!!

Haahaahhaah Thanks man!!! thanks for the laughs!!! I am working on an animation! a Minecraft animation!!!

Epic like hell.

Are you planning to make a series from that?

The animation is really slow. I think making it normal speed would make it better. Also, render at a higher resolution. Other then that, just stick in some textures and you have something worth showing.

Ah, yes! Thanks!

that cube looks nice. you have some real modelling skills.
the camera angle is very dramatic too, you can be a director.
animation is stunning. but is disapointing to see something drops rather than been put there.
i recommand opening your own animation company.
CUBE ltd

256 views. Wow. I need to study this vid and see what I’m doing wrong and what I can learn.

LOL hahaha

That would be great!!! hahahahaha