The Cube

Hehehe… eacerly awaiting for CubeFan’s comment (if he ever visit any forum other than the Off topic :stuck_out_tongue: )

The 512x512 3.77Mb 42s long animation is here

The 256x256 0.75Mb 42s long low quality animation is here


Man, this is good.
the lighting is perfect. How did you get that soft feeling? Is it radiosity? Hmm… Maybe it is a stupid question, but I’m noob, so forgive me :smiley:

Anyway, bravisimo Stephano.

Thanx :slight_smile:

the light is the old ttric of the dupliverted icosphere of spots.

It is in the official Blender Doc now ( sadly that site is
down, so you’ll have to wait.

Otherwise there is a tut by me on in the tut sections


That still doesn’t do it justice.

Very nice.

I have been wondering where you have been lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very well done, as usual. Nice details with the bevels too.

What was the render time with that light setup? Must have been pretty hefty.


Thanx :slight_smile:

At the seaside, mainly writing /importing/updating documentation :slight_smile:

What was the render time with that light setup? Must have been pretty hefty.

Naa, It stated at 10minutes per frame on my PIII 750MHz laptop, and I ended it on my desktop Athlon 2200+ at less that 4 mins per frame… (977 frames)


Very nice cube you got there.

But i am afraid, that Cubefan will not see this, because he so rarely wisits the art section of this forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow. very nice.I really hate that object, I have one of those at home… and I never manage to put it back together. heh. well, it’s not cube exactly, but same idea. called… “devils” fist or something.

and this time there was no blender bug either?! how did you do that :wink:

oh, btw. was the animation done backwards?


gasp basse is right! i think this is your first animation in which you DONT reveal a blender bug! congratulations!

great job btw. however, i think cubefan is interested in the MOVIE cube. not cubes in general. :wink:

Wow, I love it! I just play it again and again :slight_smile:

I really like the way that piece pass through the camera, and the lighting is very good. Maybe I would have used a different background, but that doesn’t matter… I wonder what music could fit with this anim…

Good job as always.

I had a slight problem viewing the smaller version. It froze in the middle. I tried various methods to try and fix it. I even extracted all the frames intending to recompile them in a different format. For some reason all the extracted frames came out solid black, so no dice. Ah well, it looked gorgeous from what I saw of it.

Wow. Yes, just fantastic.

I do agree, however, that our pal cubey may never see it. :<

Thanx Hippie, NateTG and AROtotheN

No blender bug, and, no, the animation is nor reversed.

I spent 1 hour thinking on that, then I released it without, but Goof gave me an idea to enhance it, so I might re-render some frames and put a music in.

Windows media player can give these problems. If you use the DivX player wich comes with the codec you won’t have problems.


im afraid you’re right, 325 views, 12 comments (not counting this one), and still no reply from good ol’ cube… :o

almost 470 views and still no Cubester… maybe someone should PM him/her/it.


yes maybe (hint hint)

very nice :slight_smile:

My intuition was telling me that the cube was going to explode just before fadeout… guess it was wrong heh

hint - above was a suggestion 8)

S68: very good heh, that spot light sphere trick is realy impreseve, I’m going to practice harder at it, thanks for the insparation dude 8)