The Custom Launchers


Im launching a simple suit of four little add-ons, they will be realeased next week with Back Me Up and Floating Windows

This suit contains The Folder Launcher, The Website Launcher, The App Launcher, The Script Launcher.


  • “The Folder Launcher” - Launch any folder of your choice, giving you a quick access to your file browser at any moment while working on blender, this is a big workflow speed boost

you just have to copy/paste your path in one of the 20 custom slots, you can even customize the name, and icon.

Easely drag anything into your .blend, within a fingersnap.

  • “The Website Launcher” - Launch any website of your choice, while working on blender, launch the stack exchange or blender artist like a finger snap.

you just have to copy/paste your url in one of the 20 custom slots, you can customize the name and icon.


  • “The App Launcher” - Launch any application of your choice , while working on blender, open any application anywhere on your computer or drive, switching from blender to X softwares is now extra fast.

  • “The Script Launcher” - *Launch any custom script of your choice, this feature give you the possibility to integrate any of your scripts, created or found, into blender easely, witouth getting your hands dirty writing an addon *



Nice add-on for connecting outside the blender world. You build a Golden Gate(Bridge).

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thanks man

The Webpage launcher is ready (2/4 Ok)

see how easy it is to encode your custom URL, just copy paste in the URL section, choose a custom name, icon, customize the number of entry in your menu, choose if you want a pie menu, and you are done !

The Script Launcher is done

The .exe launcher as well


avaible on gumroad today !

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Is there any way to launch an external app in a tab inside blender?

Nope, sorry.

Thanks for the very interesting addon.
Is it ok you click on the title of this thread, and add a tag/categorie: commercial?
There is a pencil somewhere I believe.

I will soon rewrite totally this addon and Back me up, merging them together. please don’t pay attention too much, it’s one of my early early work

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