The dance of the TV

Hi there,

this is my latest animation. Everything (except for some detailing and composition) is done in blender. The rig I used fot this one is the Ludwig Armature which proofed to be very suitable fot this kind of work.

The animation was created for the graduation evening on the school I’m working for. Now I finally can say that I did some character animation:yes:
Here are some images from the preproduction stage:
Here is the link to the movie:


Wow! Is it that bad!!!

Let’s try a different title…

Well, its a little long for such a small concept, besides the fact that it is relatively simple.

excellent. The worst moonwalk I’ve seen, but that’s because there’s no legs. Fantastic concept, well composed, good VFX. During the tempo increase part, I expected to see a physically demanding dance, like the russian squat kick. 5*

Jogai: Thanks for your response although it’s not very constructive. What do you mean with relatively simple?? The models or the animation??

But I agree on the time the animation takes. It’s actually too long. That said I had too make it this long because all students had to be clearly visible in the animation. There were 78 students. That means that every student has only a little more than 5 seconds off “screen time”.
All of this had to be made in about 150 hours including rendering and compositing.

Things that I wanted to include in the animation (but were dropped due to time limitation) were power cables between the two screens and a more detailed environment.


Papasmurf: Thanks for your kind words. The uptempo part is a dance that’s really hot in the netherlands. It’s called jumpstyle. If you want to see some reallife reference search for jumpstyle on youtube.


Added some preproduction images. Scetches of the environment and an alternative model