The Day After Yesterday WIP - Update- Please crit!!

Loosely inspired by the similarly titled movie from the past summer (great special effects [except the wolves] but lame everything else.) It is a skyscraper buried in snow and frozen over with ice. I have my two best versions so far here. In the second one, their is too much spec on the top, which hides some cool (I think) ice formation, but I’ll try to get a better render soon. Tell me what needs fixing. Also, if anyone else has created realistic snow and ice in blender, I’d like to see it for guidance.

First off, is the snow supposed to be purple…pinkish purple…somewhere around there?

Kansas, you would be wise to look into Monet’s time and light studies. Your answer lies there.

That said, for the color sky you’re using, NQE1, the hue of your snow’s reflection might take on a little more blue and light colors. The color you’re using is more indicative of overcast or stormy sky, IMO.

I think the second one is much better than the first too.

But the skyscraper doesn’t look very “skyscraper-ish,” if you know what I mean. There are no ventilation ducts, communications antennae, or other things of that sort on the top.
I’m also finding it hard to believe that it’s actually a skyscraper. Real windows are slightly indented, so maybe you could add indentations where there are windows to give a proper sense of proportion. Those lines running across the skyscraper look more like a regularly-forming ice pattern. Making the lines farther apart might help too.
The snow also needs a bit of work. It doesn’t look grainy enough; give it some texture. That mound of snow at the bottom of the image looks too sharp. The snow also doesn’t seem to rise around the skyscraper; it should sort of “wrap around” it. The mound of snow in the background also looks a bit sharp.

The ice looks really good though. I think with some more work, this could look awesome. Good luck with it!

Thanks for the comments. First off, these weren’t really focused on the snow on the ground, so I didn’t pay much attention to that, but will fix that as I move on. Secondly, my justifications for the skscraper are 1) it’s been there awhile and all the small things like ducts and stuff are virtually invisible under all the ice and 2) I really did model all the windows into it, but the thickness of the ice hides that. That being said, I will use your advice in a future update :wink: . I was hoping to add some bent antennas with icicles growing from them.

For now, I have this:

Snow is still purplish on the horizon and slightly in the shade.

Update. Not much to say on it. Tried to improve the look of the snow. Added the antenna. Some lighting adjustments. Give me some feedback.

wasn’t it “the day after tomorrow”?!
Anyway, keep up the good work, I do like it.

Thanks Pavcioo. Day After Yesterday was a little pun (because that would make it today.) The real name was, of course, Day After Tomorrow.

Possibly final update. Fixed lighting a bit. Improved the snow.

PLEASE tell me what you think.

well, I don’t see any dramatic changes.
just the scyscraper - it has too little windows, looks like it’s a mile high.

What exactly are you using for the ice on the skyscraper. Is it a texture, mesh, or something else…

Pavcioo, I changed the icicles on the antenna, I changed the snow texture and terrain, and I adjusted the lighting. Normally I wouldn’t do that many updates, but I wasn’t getting much useful feedback that I could implement.

AgeLesS, the ice is a very simple mesh that is an outline of the building. I’t’s very basic, and all of its shape and everything is due to procedural textures.

I think the sky looks very cool but the snow has a weird colour and the building isn’t very confincing of me…

Hi NQE1, looks preaty good.

Three things I think could be improved:

The area (snow drifts) seems to short, I’d make the snow go farther, and then mountains way in the background.

The snow at the base of the skyscraper looks a bit simple, add more details to the snow (bumps, whatever, just make it more detailed :wink: ).

And finaly, I don’t like the antenna’s size, it should be smaller, and have more of them as well, not just on of them on top.

The Skyscraper might need work, but I’d like to see these upgrades first.

Well, you asked for them, you got them :wink:

looks pretty cool
only one things seems missing, a hard shadow just below the building on the right side, that i think will add a lot