The Day The Rain Fell Inside

hey guys, this is my first non-spaceship/vehicle project so go easy, my dad seems to like it and it is sort of ok but i really need some c&c. thanks in advance


I think you should put some puddles on the floor.

The raindrops seem like they are just hanging in midair. Some motion blur on the falling drops, and samf’s idea about puddles on the floor, too.

Give it some splats on the floor or even put the floor underwater.

Watch out when you say father likes it, some here say he shouldn’t be used as an excuse (I speak from experience)

hmmm, the idea of it partially underwater is good, the result is even better thanks for the idea! Oh and it is supposed to be a freeze time picture so thats why there is no motion blur on the rain… i will put water splats things on the water, but i am just figuring out how to do it so i will have it up in not very long


i dont know why it just did that strange square of light… here is a render with it fixed


Think about making the drops more elongated, then. That teardrop shape makes them look like they are hanging at the rim of a faucet, about to fall. An elongated shape would look more like they were caught in a time freeze while moving.

I read that raindrops are pretty much never teardrop shaped in real life. Usually they’re like a squashed round disk like shape. The shape is different based on size because of how they come against the air.

The water looks ok, but I would add a smaller clouds texture to it for a bump map. Increase the reflectivity too (and use the fresnel slider if you want to get into realism).

Pics are too dark.:frowning:

Are those dots in the background raindrops? If so, they look like they are too small.
And I think there should be some drops near the surface of the water closer to the camera.

A reason why there is rain inside. Maybe some debris from a caved in roof, or something like that.

Actually I would say that the drops should be sphere shaped if they are in midair cause the surface tension (not sure if this is the scientific name for it ) of water would bring it into that shape.

it seems making splashes is a little hard, anyone got any tips or tutorials on how do do it?

The first thing that struck my about this image is that there is no foreground. All the droplets are clumped together about half way from the camera to the wall. Try spacing them out more, perhaps placing a droplet close to the camera, (or perhaps a splash) and add some depth of field. This will keep the image from looking so flat.
The droplets are also hard to see. Consider adding a strong layer light and increasing the specularity hardness to make them more visible.
Making a splash? Offhand I’d say to use a metaball object for the general shape and then convert it to a mesh and meld it with the rest of the water. Search Google for “water droplet splash” for some source images, and try to emulate those. I’ve never done it myself though, so I can’t help you there.

that was my thought exactly. rain drops aren’t tear drop shaped. they are spherical or bun shaped. They look like tears because our eyes blur them a little bit, and even moreso cameras stretch them out a LOOOOOOOOONG way.

You Tube high speed camera looking at rain. Halfway through it starts leaking down to show you what the droplets look like.