the delta frames - open source bike project (OSBP)

The Open Source Bike Project

Hello, i am ironshirt. and this is my creative commons 3.0 motorcycle project.

-Project Goals.

to use blender as the main tool for the design and manufacture material production, from start to finish of a small (not so complicated) motorcycle design.


as of now. i do not have any of the resource materials available and all measurements are done via “research”.


to make small motorcycle batch manufacture available to the home machinist/welder by providing all necessary files for outsourcing any and all of the needed work.

this project is due to a decision i made after an over zealous post i did a bit ago. i figure i’ll do it this way.

-estimated completion time.

6-12 months.

i’ll be updating this thread as the project progresses, if you have any questions, pm me.

Name_01: delta frames

Name_02: mk-1

Name_03: colt

Type: small motorcycle

Engine: honda 50cc horizontal, air cooled (suitable honda clone)

frame: mono-tube, single backbone, gas in frame

suspension front: standard pit bike, with modification

suspension rear: 270 mm single shock.

wheel/tire front:

wheel/tire rear:

brakes front: wilwood

brakes rear: wilwood

overall length:


seat height:

handelbar height:


weight empty:

weight running:

max permitted total weight:

top speed:

**may change

here’s a placeholder for a future image.

as you can see, the date is febuary of this year, that is when i considered the particular design i am “redux-ing” actually completed. it’s just the way i’m trying this. so it might seem easier to do than it is, but it’s an easy design purposefully, for the builder’s sake. but it still will take time, because i am actually “re-modeling” it (better).

delta colt manual


render of the current progress

this is being built off of a template from this site

6/22 engine, hubs, spokes, rims, tires, rear brake - @ 80%

chain detail

kickstand action.

delta frames colt logo #1 (delta.logo.dead-horse)

instructional portion (BYOB)


bicycle seat. (substitutable)

gas cap design.

drive chain detail

the geometry in this mock-up isn’t entirely mine. as are other elements. it won’t be in the final piece.

but it’s a representation (somewhat better) + (hopefully not) of what i’m going for, generally.

some attempts to apply a rider.

This is a very cool project. Good job so far

Colour scheme names are Great!

thank you. color schemes brought to you by an attempt to ease slight over-work.

here’s a video of the rig as it stands at the moment, i attempted some tire squish and it squirreled up the physics a bit. ((that’s why the wheels appear to be scaling up and down) they are).

an update of the rear shock (11" FLX)

and the handlebar controlls

i’ve decided to work on the basic assembly instructions first, since they are easier and i don’t need the exact dimensions (i do need) for assembly instructions.

updated foot controls.

and the set.

but in the meantime, i’m just going to take some time to sit back, relax and concentrate on my nuts for a bit.

i lied.

and some of the more common nuts in the bin. (i’m about 30% done with the nuts)

threads courtesy of the “bolt factory” plugin (packaged with blender). which we’re then reduced and set for duplication to be better “digested” by my poorly spec’d computer.