The Dinosaur Falls

Having spent a lot of time away from Blender, some of it buried in 3DS Max. (I’m trying to learn it for commercial prospects) I decided to let my hair down and do something fun in the software I love the most :slight_smile:

Not as happy with it as I would have liked to have been but out of time and decided to draw the line on it… Comments as always are welcome.

Rendered in Cycles at 1000 passes, limited global.

Deviant Art:
Full Res File:

Edit: Oh worth mentioning (probably recognisable anyway) but I based the foreground of the image off of the waterfalls tutorial from Mr Guru.

Beautiful! The dinosaurs are exceptionally well done! I think just about the only thing that could improve this image would be a little motion blur on the water :yes: Great work, and I’m surprised that no one else has commented on this yet!

Yeah, I was an idiot and forgot to include the vector stuff in the fluid sim… thanks for the comment, I think I made the mistake of using the word ‘3DS Max’ in my first line, guaranteed way to put off commenter’s I guess :slight_smile: