The Diorama

Amazing Fokker DR. 1 made by Petr Utinek (utas). Rendered with Cycles.

Comments and critics are welcome!

This looks great! My only suggestions for improvement would be to fix that sharp line in the background, add an extra layer of Sub-Surf to the platform (the edges are kind of noticeable), and to remove the harsh white light in the lower right-hand corner. Other than those things, good job! I especially like the plane :smiley:

Awesome work. I agree with the comment above though, the platform frame could be a little smoother. Overall it’s fantastic. Congratulations man!

Thank you for your comments and feedback! I fixed the issues and rerendered the image, you can see the new one in the first post.
The background color was not set to 100% black, that was why you could see the edge of the plane. I have noticed it before, but forgot it and on my screen it wasn’t easy to see, so I missed it before my final render. Good that you pointed it out, thanks!

I like it!. The only thing that could be improved IMHO is the composition, too much black areas and wasted space. The diorama and the plane should get much more area in my opinion, but maybe you wanted emphasize its small size.

Thank you! The composition is as you say, to show the scale, but I could maybe have filled out more black areas or arranged things differently. But on the other hand, to much things going on around the diorama will draw the attention away from it and that’s not good either.

Hey this is great. It shows the scale well and I think that the composition is fine too. It needs a bit of depth blurring due to the scale if you think about it.

The render is great and very realistic, but what caught my eye is the cans of paint. Do they really make model paint like that? It is so much better than the glass bottles I used.

Thank you!

kkar: I considered to use a shorter depth of field, but I decided not to. Sure it does improve the scale-feeleing, but the render feels much like in a studio environment, and when you are in a studio and take photographs (especially to make scale model photos look realistic I suppose) you usually use a narrow aperture to give you a long depth of field, as you don’t have distracting things in the background that needs to be blurred out.

kreiger: Yes they do! I used to build scale model aeroplanes myself a couple of years ago, and my tins looked exactly like the one in the render, all aluminium. I think I had tins that were 20 years old and the paint were still usable! I don’t know however, if you use the same type of paint and tins if you paints with an airbrush, as I were a little old fashioned and hand painted my models with regular paint brushes.