The Disappearance of the Statue of Liberty

Hello For A Very Long Time I Wondered How That Trick Was Done The

The Disappearance of the Statue of Liberty

But Never Found Out How So Today I Went On Google And I Found This How It Was Done Here Is The Link :

I Believe In Other Life But I Am Having A Really Hard Time Believing This Trick Was Done By Some Sort Of Advanced Mechine Thingy …

I know a better purpose for that time switch :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: If that time switch was real trust me I would be very rich lol
But besides that there has to be another explaination on how that trick was done and I am still googling for another explaination and so far no luck I keep finding the same reason how it was done that is by the time switch …

I need to find out :confused: lol People can post here how they think it was done if anyone has an explaination for the trick.

Right now I am watching MINDFREAK ! Channel 21 If Anyone Wants To Know :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm, ok, someone’s just a little too creative. pretty funny though. anyway, i found a suitable explanation here :

yeah, that works for me.

This One Is Alot More Better Then The First =)
As You Said That Person Got A Little To Creative :stuck_out_tongue:

still, someone should click yes, just for fun. i need a good laugh…

There ya go!:smiley:

I Believe The Internet.

I was trying to figure out why someone would waste their time writing something like that, then I saw the date on the article (april 1)


a video for anyone who never seen it before… i.e … Me!