The dish

A sentry looking into the void.
This after Bebraw suggested that I try icoshere modeling for the frame, yay for solidify Wireframe script too!
The ground is a distorted subd plane with a hemi as fill keyed from the sky colour.
Crits welcome

I have decided to forego the looming planet as it makes me feel claustrophobic, and I rotated the ground to give that burried feeling (contradictory, no?) anyway it’s a betterangle from the top left. and I enhanced the galactic plane in the sky.

Added a nebula and rendered with Amient Occlusion, But this kills alot of the detail around the structure. Have added dirty texture to structure too as it seems in much to good condition before.
Crits? Please anything.
I have thought about a short test animation of either 1, an asteroid plunging into it or 2, an alien emerging in the foreground gully.


That is sick! :slight_smile: although, the stars a bit too big i would make 'em smaller and in a slightly greater number.

Yeah, I’m thinking galaxy goes here, or nebula? I was leaning toward a planet but want something grander(?)
Anyway I wasn’t expecting much as I slapped this together between coffee breaks at work, and I wasn’t concentrating to well on it.

Hmmm, what’s missing in this picture? I don’t want to overload it with stuff but it just seems to be lacking some counterbalance in the foreground?

Crits, tips welcome.

What about adding a nice particle effect meteor or comet in the back ground, or Saturn, i seen i nice material for the rings roming about.