The Docks

This has been my month long project to challenge myself on modeling. I now know more about old ships than I ever wanted to know and have a new respect for people that UV everything.

Blender 2.63
GIMP – post pro

C & C welcome

Impressive workload to achive so many details. Great scene!

So finally only nitpicking: the trainsition to the (blurred?) background picture is still very visble as well as the painted lit windows in it.

I also think that you overshot with the added graininess.

Anyway, very nice work. well done.

It looks nice, but some comments. I agree with the blur in the background ie. the dome is too close to have that blur. the dof effect is contrasted by the uniform lighting in the foreground, so even though there are lit windows in the backgrounds, the streets in the back are not showing patches of light. The light gradient of the overall scene is comfortable, but longer inspection reveals the said blur.

Also, the scale seems to conflict. At first I thought the streets were too clean, but actually that’s acceptable. Instead, the street lights are either too small or the masts on the ship are too big. Even if you use real references that might match, then just like the background and foreground, the ship and the streets are a bit off.

The water looks great, I love the color and the subtle bumps. I would be interested to see you post some stats and description of how you did the water. Only other comment I have after that would be about dirtying up the streets, moving some buildings apart and overall just making it more messy. It’s not necessary though, the scene looks like a decent port.

nice work. though it looks like some of the buildings in the background aren’t textured?

looks cool :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I will keep all this in mind for any future projects and have made note in the file for that day I decide to revisit this one. I do have to add that any attention to the background was an after thought on my part. I had already gotten a bit bigger on this project than I had intended and my computer was not handling it very well. really wanted to add a “fog”, but every time I tried I had a “click and crash” moment. might render background, foreground and mid ground on separate layers and use the compositor to bring them together with fog and more attention since I am getting so much feedback on the background.

Thanks I will keep making notes.

First off, nice scene. The ship modelling looks really nice.
But it is WAY to dark.
Forgive my intrusion, but I played with it in Gimp for about 3 minutes and came up with this:

I understand that it is supposed to be night, but you should be able to see what is going on. Try adjusting your lighting to add deeper shadows so that the yellow lights glow more.

Also, the background image is not in the same perspective as the foreground.

I really like the composition, it has a great feel to it.

I hope that helps,