The Dog

Hey… this is what I done this evening. One of my first releaseable blends since I improved my skils over the last month. Do you have some suggestions to make things better? I think the head looks like something between a dog (like it should) and a deer (like it should not). Any idea to get some good resources for the paw and the foot? Does anybody have a dog to take some pictures for research? … just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:
I am not quite sure how to create the surface. I need some impressions how a textured or polygon-haired version could look like. Since the model could be used in a game I dont want to use particles. Anyway… I am glad if you give some feedback :slight_smile:


I’ve found these to be incredibly helpful.

Provided by the University of Wisconsin Collections Center

Wow indeed this is incredibly helpful! Tank you!