THe Domino that couldn't fall


Here’s a little animation (my first one really) I made in a rush, originally intended for a contest. I started modeling two days before the deadline and missed it by just 5 minutes. Oh well. :slight_smile: Here it is on Vimeo:

I’m quite new to Blender, so any suggestions on how to make the animation better would be great. (I had the biggest problems with the jump rope and the water in the pool). I’d also like to make the story a bit longer, so if you can think of any other fitness activities that the dominoes could be doing, do tell.

Thanks for watching,


nice story!

couple of crits:

  • it’s very white… I understand it’s a style, but sometimes you loose easily the dominoes against the ground… so little more shades could’ve helped with that… also you could play with lighting and shadows.

  • here and there it’s a bit slow. especially the water.

as for other activities… maybe one of those TV Shop electronical gadgets that you just strap on as a belt and magic happens :slight_smile: or pushups, as he has no hands, that would be interesting to see :slight_smile:

anyways, good job. congrats.


very nice.
the simple style looks really good & suits the story.
i do like the simple eyes, the are very well done.
congrats also.

Wow that’s cool! I would add more samples for the motion blur but other than that I really like it.

Thanks for the comments so far!

About the white - As I had very little time, I didn’t bother with materials until the end and by then I kind of liked the plain look. But I’ll try to fix it to look better.

About the funky pool water - I only had time to bake it once, so that’s what came out. :smiley:
Any suggestions, how to make it more water-ish?

And about the motion blur - I didn’t actually use any in blender, it came from Adobe Premiere when compressing the final video to wmv. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I can’t believe I typed the topic name like that…

Very cool. The camera was really nice at the beginning, but then got a little to simple.

Anyhoo great job.

Love the eyes. The last camera shot was nice.

That was pretty cool . . . a nice ‘story-telling’ twist on the standard falling domino simulation. As for ideas, it’s a bit hard to come up with exercises that are easily read without arms or legs.

Your title and animation even gave me a little inspiration for something I might try, so thanks!

Very nice. Funny story. COuld we see the animation blend with everything in it? A few material touch ups, a few more tweaks here and there in materials and shadows, aao, and here it comes!

I’d like to know how you did the facial animations.

It seems my previous reply didn’t make it through the system…:confused:

I’m having a small problem with the .blend files - they are huge! The one with all the dominoes falling over (with recorded game physics) is around 280 MB. Is this normal?

The facial animations were done the only way I knew - with shape keys. I had the base shape (eyes centered, mouth straight), eyes left/right/up/down/closed, and mouth happy/sad. Then I used the Action editor to mix them together. :slight_smile:

Neat. I was thinking that they were maybe just animated textures or something, the way they look so 2D on the surface. I’ve been trying to work out some glitches in my own “2D facial rig on 3D head” type setup. I guess I don’t get to steal your methods, then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never done any backing of physics stuff, so I dunno how large they can get, but I think the size issue was brought up before. I tried doing some forum searches and found THIS THREAD from not too long ago reporting a similar sort of simulation, and it seems they can get that large… so I dunno…


I JUST did a video lesson on this very thing (game engine physics as an animation tool. And I include two blend files with it. The one witht he physics baked into it is several megs. Depending on what was reporting it, it varied between thirteen and forty.

So, yea. Recording physics can get pretty system intensive. Have plenty of memory and save a LOT.