The Dragonballs

Hi. I’ve been working on the Dragonballs from Dragonball z lately and this is me just finished with the materials for the Dragonballs.

They were made with both with a glass material combined with SSS (Not exactle good for rendering time… but I feel it was worth it). I probably should have deleted the floor or at least have given a texture or something but it’s a bit late, I’m tired and I’m lazy lol. I’ll probably add something too the floor and buff the shadows sometime during the week. And I’m not adding AO because that would probably frazzle my computer lol.

Anyway, hope you like what I’ve done to the Dragonball material at least seeing as this was my main focus today :slight_smile:


nice! they look very glassy, but that’s probably what you wanted?
yeah i agree, the floor should probably be given a texture, or reduce is reflective index, the reflection of the light from the balls drags attention away from them, especially since they don’t show up in it as much

Looks good. A few things you could improve on is to turn the spec on the floor down, and turn off shadows on the lights in side the balls. Just have one light with shadows.

Thanks for the feed back, guys :)!

I tried turning of the shadows in the lamps inside the six outermost dragonballs, but I didn’t like the effect it gave me (I assume you meant disabling the ray shadows button?) so I just kept the shadows settings but I gave the floor an SSS material with a marble texture and displacement and this helped blur and calm the shadows a bit. I’ve also lowered the spec a lot (The spec was all the way to 2, no wonder it was so reflective lol) and gave it a little ray mir. Think of it as a really big, bumpy, wet, marble tile lol. I kinda like it, actually :slight_smile:

Ach. Just noticed that I saved it as a JPEG and not PNG… Grr…lol. Never mind here it is anyway. I’ll probably do a render with AO tomorrow and remember to save it as a PNG this time (Unless my computer gives in lol)


stars dont look quite right, a bit smushed,

still, pretty good!

looks good over all. I would suggest giving the balls a bit of rotation. They are too perfectly aligned.

Hi. I’m back to making Dragonballs again. I’ve been working on my materials a bit more and came up with this render. I just did the one Dragonball this time, just to save rendering time seeing as I added both SSS (To the sphere, star and marble floor) and AO. Tomorrow I’ll do a final render with the whole set with SSS and AO, providing that my computer doesn’t crash lol.

I worked on my stars a little too. I think they were a little “smushed” because I lost some of the quality when I accidentally saved it as a JPEG. Hopefully they are a bit more pleasing to the eye now.

Yeah, I probably should rotate them a little but that was just me being lazy and I was really focussing on the materials at the time.


Cool!!! They look quite similiar to the balls of the anime…
Good reflections and perfect glow behind the little star… I’ll wait for the complete scene

pretty nice, if u r looking for more improvement u may like to see dragon ball movie (not anime the real one)
it was a good movie and they’ve got perfect dragon balls. i am a dragon ball z fan too