The Dragon's rediculously scalable procedural planet texture .blend (requires SVN)

Very, very zoomed out

Very, very zoomed in (the UV editor’s zoom level is completely unchanged)

.blend file (requires recent SVN build (with texture nodes)
Ptexture.blend (214 KB)

This is a concept I’ve developed for using texture nodes to develop a texture where you don’t see a lot of repeating or none at all zoomed out like here and also can zoom in a ton and still see a fair amount of detail. This kind of scale is only possible with procedural textures plugged into texture nodes and cannot be done with an image texture or Blender 2.48a.

Please note you’ll need a fairly decent machine to get tolerable feedback on editing the texture node tree because it’s so big and uses a lot of input, scale, and mix nodes, I will not post the shot of the node tree here because it’s too big for one screen and yet keep tidy.



-More sophisticated continent generation, now you have large landmasses enveloped by an even large body of water, the landmasses have shapes that are not too snakey and are completely surrounded by water instead of having one infinite mass connected by land bridges.

-Better mountain generation, I didn’t like how the mountains were very sparse in the origional version, now you have big areas that are flatter, and smaller and larger mountain ranges.

-Zoomed out even more then the first version, just to show you don’t even get slight texture pattern repeating as you go way, way, way out.

-Piled many of the same bumpmap ontop of each other, each with the lowest nabla value available in the value to normal node, results in slower rendering, but very high quality bumps up close.


-More complex definition for what’s mountainous area and what’s flatter area
-More complex definition for some of the detail stuff
-Tweak for larger continents, still surrounded by ocean, shouldn’t look repetitive unless you zoom a lot further out then the starting zoom.
-Tweak to allow mountains to be somewhat closer to the coast.

Thanks CD! As always the work you do for the community is grand. Please keep it up, although I cannot express in words how much valued this is to the rest of us. Have a great day!

Do note to go into edit mode to zoom in/out and translate, Blender doesn’t save your .blend file to start in editmode, updated the .blend slightly by zooming it out by default. Also, the way it is now it’s essencially a false color heightmap using a colorband made to somewhat resemble an Earth-like coloring.

Okay, been updated a bit, the node tree is now a little bigger at the top, see first post for changes and tweaks.

That’s pretty neat stuff CD :slight_smile:

Procedural planets is something I’m particularly interested in, but sadly don’t get to spend any time on at the moment (and the forseeable future).