The Dungeon Hack project needs animators

The Dungeon Hack project is a free rpg that uses the Ogre engine and Lua scripting. We need animators with enough Blender experience to create and animate the npcs and monsters for this project.

The only requirement is that your work has a Creative Commons license that allows everyone to use your models in free or educative projects. Of course, we will give credit to everyone who wants to contribute in the game credits.

Heres some info about Dungeon Hack:

And some screenshots:

See this thread for the latest screens:

Dungeon Hack is a free adptation of a classic rpg called Daggerfall. Terrain and roads will be proceduraly generated to create realistic land scales. Cities and dungeons will also be proceduraly assembled from a set of blocks to create realistic size cities and a rogue like dungeon crawling experience.

The 3d skeletal animated models we need are similar to these here from Daggerfall:

If you are interesting in contributing please register in our forums and tell us what models you are interested in working on. Thanks.

PS: We also need people interested in organizing our database of static models. That is adding cc licenses, renaming objects and textures acording to our naming convention and organize our chaotic Blender files better.