The Emerald Ship(Blend file included) (texturing?)

Okay, so I’ve been working on this ship :smiley:
(attatched) and I’m curious, what’s the best way to texture this (eg: for detail - metallic/space-ish looking) ?

specifically, UVunwrapping, and other stuff - I know how to do it, it just doesn’t look all that great (where do I put the seams n’ stuff?)

If someone could show me how to texture this, that would be great!
The blend file is attached if you’d like to download it to fiddle with it (or show me a good way to texture the thing :stuck_out_tongue: )
It would be cool to texture using normal maps properly n’ stuff… (what’s a good way to create normal maps, anyways?)

k, so, basically, texturing help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


theemerald.blend (604 KB)

you know, if you’d like, you could just play around with the textures and let me know what your comments /crits are as well :smiley:

cool ship!
awesome texturing!

if you ever get this unwraped, can I use it in game mod? EDIT: pm me.

thats one sweet lil ship right there!

im curious though, if its the EMERALD ship, why is it blue?
but anywayz, keep going with it, it could become a real nice ship!