The Emperor's New Vision (or, Look, The Emperor Has No Eyes)

Pure Blender 2.42, no post-processing on the render.

Thank you for viewing my work,


Really nice image RobertT.

Its very good considering you havent post processed it. I’m a little lost as to the import of the whole thing, as I cant really make out the emperor’s head, let alone his having no eyes.

Apart from the ambiguity(which is good mind you, just maybe a bit ambiguous), this is a great piece.


Nicely done. . . once again. anywho, I find it funny that you actually named this artwork with two names! Nice work.

Screw you, show off;), no just kiddin’. I’m not worthybows down

Not just a render – this is art. I’m also curious about the (two) titles.

Yet Another Great One or YAGO for short! :smiley:

greenlig: Thanks! The ambiguity is intentional, especially the indisctinct face, which has some areas which might resemble eyes but aren’t really eyes at all.

Framedworld: Thank you, Framedworld. Yes, it was one of those two-for-one things in my mind that I thought would help me through this project, so I kept the entire title for the piece.

BleedForMe: Haha, thanks, BleedForMe :)

CubOfJudahsLion: Wow, thanks, CubOfJudahsLion! The titles I made up helped define which direction this project took, and at the end they both seemed to help contribute to the possible understanding and interpretative potential of this piece, so I kept both.

Felix_Kütt: Thank you for the kind words, Felix_Kütt.


I think this is your best work for a long time. A lot more detail in it, excellent results with no post-pro and I’m surprised at the quality considering the speed you normally churn stuff out at. Not so sure on the naming myself.

Really nice RobertT. Great lighting and the modelling is really well done for this design.

Small nitpicky stuff, (you know me ;)):

a)The mesh is a bit too symmetrical. I would like to see a bit of variation/uneveness about it. Even if it is mask of some kind. I would still expect it to be off a bit.

b) The bump map is the same all over the mesh. A cloth texture would have wirked better for the cloak imo, rather than use the same bump map as the metal. It really works on the metal though.


that’s very cool i like the detail

Definetely one of the best Artistic style pieces I’ve ever seen done in Blender. You could make millions from selling these pieces to art museums.

Once again, I am blown away.

I was thinking of making a tarot deck in blender, this is inspirational towards that goal.

Very nice piece, though with the aforementioned lack of eyes it does make it hard to resolve where his face actually is. Personally, I’d lose the second title, since ‘Look, the emperor has no eyes’ seems a little… ‘informal’ for this sort of piece. Plus, having two titles is just greedy, when there are starving kids in Africa without any titles at all.

hehehe, yes you should give one of the names to someone who has none! Just kidding, Paul J made it sound funny…
Image is great, very nice!

mongrol: Thanks! I’m trying to be as dedicated as possible to these works and creating what could be very meaningful things, so I appreciate the encouraging feedback.

BgDM: As always, excellent points, BgDM. Thank you very much.

SigmaStrain: Thank you, SigmaStrain.

Cyborg Dragon: Haha, thanks. Money is probably the furthest thing from my mind when I am creating something though. Museums though, now that could be interesting in terms of an exhibition.

NeOmega: Cool, thanks, NeOmega :slight_smile:

Paul J: Thanks, Paul J. Yeah, the dual titles were such a part of the creation, really the reasons behind it, that in the end I felt they needed to stay (kind of like “Frankenstein/Modern Prometheus”).

spacestrudel: Thank you!


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