the Endless runner car game

Here is a endless runner car videogame i made with marcoit’s python script.
It is in firstperson.Press enter to play game.Use the the a key and mouse to move around.Walk into to see through cube by car to get in.Press e to get out of car.Press q to quit.The game was made on windows 10.I used save game as runtime addon to make a exe.I made the humanoid model and it’s clothes with makehuman.The stairs are made with archimesh addon for blender.The rest of the 3d models are mine.Here is a screenshot.


This is the updated endless runner car game.The car can run out of gas.
There are gas tanks you can pick up by running into them with the car.
And a fuel bar to indicate how much fuel you have left.And a out of gas scene.
The gas depletes when in car and you press w,a,s or d.z to move character and mouse to rotate.Make character go into see through cube by car and he automatically gets in car.New improved fuel bar.

update 3/17/2017

I have improved on the my endless runner driving.Somethings to do with states have not been fixed yet.Now you can’t control the car when you are out of it.I added some free
furniture from youtube.The Youtube video is Free assets - Blender BGE.
I forgot to fix what is in question 2 cotax.I will get to that latter.
2. the car lol tpv? it is rare view all you see is the backside of the car, put the cam higher and on a small angle downwards.I will post the the zip shortly.

What is your opinion of my endless runner car game?I am going to continue to add to it.You have any ideas what you would like to see?

It needs better graphics.

I am not that good of a 3d artist.

Yes the landscape needs improvement especially the draw distance is too far away, but certainly a view of the vehicle when driving is #1 priority, as well a sound effect for the engine, I do have one, but it isn’t great.

It ran on the windows 10 laptop I have access to, so need for any blender downloads. It worked okay.

I will keep it as is for now.

another update 3/15/2017
The endless runner car game has a male npc that you can pickup in your car by ramming the left see through cube into him as he moves.Then briing him to the one of the houses by your car.By driving in front it he should appear.Then help him into the house by pushing him to align with doorway.The ai needs some work.
when he gets in and stops.You can go to the next level by going to the back of the house.

I have a new update.I am having fun.

ok tried it i need to reply:

  1. controls are messed up, the starting character only has key z to move forwards?
  2. the car lol tpv? it is rare view all you see is the backside of the car, put the cam higher and on a small angle downwards.
  3. when you get in the car, hit e, you get out but you keep riding the car.
    3a. the character animations are running while riding the car after point 3.
    3b. ok so we are out the car keep pressing e, why it throws cubes backwards? lots of em?
    3c. repeat 3b and the character(male not the car) goes nuts.
  4. missing textures.
  5. bad optimization(just wanted to mention), at points i get 60 fps, but mostly around 10-30 fps
  6. no documentation (what are the movement keys? etc.)
  7. unlimited jumps and retarded high, i would lower it (personal choice ofc.)

Just some things that needs your attention

my specs:
amd phenom II x4 965 BE @ 3.6 Ghz
8 GB ram
Rx 470 nitro+ 4GB
win 10 pro

But i can see some potential, it could be a fun game with the proper adjustments.

ps. i would not pack all files into a blend, increases load time. but the downside is if you dont pack, ppl can steal some stuff from you.

You mean documentation in the blend.On the first post it has it.I could put the document on a scene.I like the idea other videogames have done it.I will try to improve it more.I am going to add a highhway to terrain.

The car throws cube backwards because my states were not working properly and i had to use ghost
dynamic objects to trigger them.Some of these question i do not understand what you mean.Could you provide a gameplay video with text in it explaining where the problems are?

packing wont prevent, and barely hinder theft of assets. its much better to clearly state a license (like creative commons or similar). no, this wont stop some one, but at least legal action could be pursued. but at this point, dont bother.

packing shouldnt increase load times. no matter where the assets are, it still needs to load them into memory.

logic bricks can be very inefficient, performance is the least of concerns.

@ lost
i found out that point 5 was actually my own fault, my pc was building packages in the background i forgot about that. you will see it runs smooth in the video.

Some of these question i do not understand what you mean.Could you provide a gameplay video

read point 3 and 3a 3b 3c no text in video sorry but the video will let you see it and at the end that screen with the purple bar is where the view gets stuck.



packing wont prevent it

True, but most ppl dont unpack or even dare to hit the button when its greyed out :wink:
Anyway it is an exe file not a blend he shares, get it out of an exe is way harder if not impossible for a normal human.

packing shouldnt increase load times. no matter where the assets are, it still needs to load them into memory.

it will, due you need to load the whole size at once, if you load a blend that is 20 mb or a blend that is 100mb the 20 mb blend will load faster even if it still needs to load those textures/assets from a directory.

performance is the least of concerns.

really? funny thing to say, you want people that play the game, not people who come back and complain that they cant run it(smooth).

allow me to make some clarifications.

you ripped “performance is least of concerns” clean out of context. i was solely refering to a developer using logic bricks. since performance is one of the most important things to a player, that is why i recommend python. its much easier to optimize for speed.

now regarding load times. just to clear up, “loading” is refering to after the game is run and on that white screen. i think geometry is what takes the most time, which is packed in the blend already. time for a benchmark i suppose.

It is improved.

That is better, found another/new bug, the right car cube don’t let the player enter the car, left one works as should be.

That is so that the player can pick up npc’s in the car.I need to work on that a bit.