The Engineer

Hello! I decided to make “team fortress 2” engineer robot… and see what it will be… so here it is!

Rendered cycles… (of course…) :smiley:

I would appreciate some C&C (:

Hope you like it!

Really nice models and render (I’m talking about the first one, of course). Perhaps the lighting and composition could be better but it’s still well executed project.

Great concept, really good lighting and rendering, i think its great!

Thanks you both and @mookie3d i am working on the lighting and compositing.

The models are great and the whole render looks cool and nice theme as well. :slight_smile:

Great mood, very nice models and shading, bravo

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but the textures are flipped horizontally.

P.S. Where did you get the textures, by the way?

Thanks T.M i didnt realised that even my self. Textures are from googles image search and something is made by photoshop. (sorry if my english suck)

Well done model and pleasant render.

Hes cool, did that come right out of you mind, or have you got any concept sheets… :slight_smile:

yes it just came to my mind.