The Epic Lemons

A typography animation set to a scene from portal 2, Made with blender 2.55 & 2.57.

Render time was about 4 hours (didn’t optimize at all)


Wow. Took that old saying for a ride didn’t you.

Funny. Angry, but funny.


WOOT Very nice, now you should make a lemon explode at the end :smiley:

Wow nice lol

I ripped this Cave Johnson audio clip from my PORTAL 2 PC disk just so I could put it on my PSP, it’s so awesome!

I also like the idea of the typography.

AH HA! now i’ve got a reason to make a Portal 2 vid myself! i seriously like this game. hey. first person to jump and start a collaborative Portal 2 Video gets 50¢ (other than me cause i’m fighting the urge to).

LOL love it!!