"The Escape of the Socks"

Hey all, I got this piece here and I’d like to improve it. I’m aware of some modelling issues (mesh of the socks, inner corner of the drawer) so I’d be happy to hear your tips how to improve the lighting, the colors, the compositing, but I’d appreciate any comments really. Thanks in advance!

i’d like to say that I think this is a good piece and i found it quite humorous though you might try making the floor and the wall different colors to help tell them apart

I see no modeling issues.
The only problem is that without the title it’s just a nice image, whereas with the title it’s pretty funny.
Maybe give the image some kind of frame and include the title in it.

Thanks, I’ll do that!

Hmm…or maybe you could lower the camera a bit, to bring the fugitive sock one the bottom more in focus. :smiley: