The Essential Blender on PDF?

Hi all,

About roughly a month ago, I heard rumors that the Essential Blender book will be on .pdf soon. All of the sudden, talks of the matter ceased. IMHO, I think that transferring the book over to the .pdf file format would be a novel idea. I carry my laptop with me everywhere and it would definately be a benefit to me.

Will this come to past, or is it pure scuttlebutt? Please let me know.

I have the book… if you want you can rewrite it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Just go buy the book, it’s not worth the trouble.

I bought the other book “Introducing Character Animation with Blender”. It has been staying unused on my table. That is because i like more reading from screen, or let the text-to-speech syntheziser read the text for me. I never again will buy any book on paper form, but i am willing to donate for good PDF-s. It is mostly because of this:

After a quick search i came up with this:

I have book in pdf, can anybody help to upload in Essential Blender wiki page?
It’s around 40mb.

like Snifx said, I too prefer to read on screen. I also own Introduction to character animation in blender as well which brings me to my point. to me, it is a hassle when i read something in the book and then turn back to the screen to perform its instruction. the wiki online tutes however, are more conveniant becuase the material and and the software are all in one centralize location.

I think PDFs are not bad but books are not out dated yet.

You can only read a PDF on a computer and not without.

However as fast as Blender grows a PDF might be much
better to catch-up with it. Changes could be quickly done.

tedo – do you mean that you have the text of the book made into a .pdf, or the actual designed book in .pdf format? The text and images are open content, so if someone has made a .pdf out of them, that’s fine. However, if you somehow have a .pdf of the printed book as it appears on paper, that is another matter. You should NOT upload that, as the design itself isn’t open content. That would be a violation of the book’s copyright, and we’d have to remove it.

You slightly misunderstood me.

In case you select PDF it should still be a paid service.
However without print costs etc the actual unite price should be lower
and thus should make it more affordable for many users.

When a new version of Blender is out the base PDF could be updated
and than republished again as PDF. But I am actually talking about the
Blender manual book.

The PDF might also have the advantage to include rich media in the form
of embedded or link to external resources compared to a book.

Yes, the book is made from wiki page and pictures.
Only for chapter 6 I downloaded from here:
If is not problem I can share book for free download.
Thanks to harkyman for new uploaded pictures!

cekhunen – didn’t misunderstand you. I was talking to tedo. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I want it on PDF too!

lol - never read two pages at the same time.

I did not see the “tedo --” in your post …

Yes, the book is based on WIKI page.
Download here:
Thank you, harkyman!

Yes, the book is based on WIKI page.
Download here:
Thank you, harkyman

Yes, the book is based on wiki page.
Thank you, harkyman

Yes, the book is based on wiki page.
Thank you harkyman

Yes, the book is based on wiki page.
Thank you, harkyman!!!