The Eva Project... Screenshots #1

(Abracsis) #1

This is what you have to look forward to. amongst blender becoming open source.

-Luke - Sara - IconJunky

p.s thankyou for the nice comments about my previous games.

(mainman) #2

are these screenshots of that game you are working on together with Sara?
looks promesing!

–oh DUH her name is there too on the bottom of the post…

(wes1) #3

damn… that looks verry good. I cannot wait to play it! It would be cool if you have site about some info of the game!!! How long did the production took? wes1

(ineedanewbi) #4

very nice modeling

who made the texures? and with what program?

(S_W) #5

How some good textures improve a game… :wink:
The screenshots look very professional. I’m really looking forward to this game. :slight_smile:

(Pooba) #6

Wow! that looks really good, the character is very well modeled and the textures nad level design look great! Are you making it in gameblender, or what?

(saluk) #7

Looking very well done! As long as it plays as good as it looks, it should turn out wonderful.

(rav_bhara) #8

keep up the goodwork, looks nice. im doing the remake of perfect dark (not legally, just for fun) but its got elements of terminator in it. I think ill put some pics up soon.

(Abracsis) #9

Yes Pooba, the game is made entirely in blender.

We have two complete levels (minus a zlock script Iconjunky is writing).

The textures were either made in photoshop or taken from a free texture base at one of the numerous quake websites. And her Jeans from Lee’s jeans .com or something, heh.

The main thing holding the game back is pay pal. I’ve been waiting for them to send me the bill so i can confirm membership and donate, and then use 2.25 at which time we can add sound. (there is no point in adding .wav music when mp3’s are round the corner).

To make the game look nice and play well we have aimed the minimum spec at a P500MHz with a quite good graphics card. Sorry to those who won’t be able to play it at it’s prefered speed.
Using the publisher a .exe will be released for the simple reason that it is apparently a little faster, and we need all the speed we can get. However after that, a .blend with be released so you can pull the file apart and see how it works.


(saluk) #10

Actually, on my computer, the exe version is quite a bit slower. I don’t know why, it’s kind of weird, but hopefully you DO release the blend so I can play:)

(guru202) #11

Those screenshots are awesome. Credit is given where credit is due! I know this game will be hype. There is no doubt in my mind about the fun factor and creativity that this game will posess. Please finish it! Finish it!

(jordans2) #12

That looks like it’ll be a very good game! I can’t wait to see it. I’m creating a game myself, sort of a mix between Myst and Alone In The Dark, I don’t know. Are there any more screen shots of it, Abracsis?