The Exercise

Hi Guys,
In this Image I wanted to play around with the newly implemented hair rendering in Cycles.
It is really well suited for Grass, which just looks great in Cycles.
The only downside is that rendering with the CPU takes forever but I’m patient :).

Additionaly I included 2 renders of the APC (it’s a “GTK Boxer”).

Hope you like it and C&C welcome! :wink:

That grass looks great, Kerberos! I like that you’ve trampled it in areas to give it the look of being run over by tires. Great work on the whole scene!
And especially great work on your APC model! Cool vehicle, and you’ve done well modelling so many details! You should be very proud.
5 stars!
What was your technique for lighting the exterior scene, if I may ask? Were you using a sun lamp, or another type?

Thanks James :wink: !
As I like to keep my lighting as simple as possible it consists only of a hemispherical blue light and a slightly yellowish sun light.

Kerberos the scene looks awesome. I am working on a boxer myself for a arma2 mod, would u share your model? Or if you want i can show you how you can implement it.

second question. how have you done the camouflage?

Nice work ! Good model and nice lighting.

That is awesome, I love military vehicles. How long did this take to model and render? Because I can see it took quite some time.

Thank you guys for the nice comments :)!
@StieMO: Sorry, I cant give you the model :(. But it isn’t well suited for a real-time application anyway because it has quite a few polygons and it is not optimized for that.
For the camouflage I used 3 layered cloud textures on which i maximized the contrast (all in GIMP). Then I just projected this Texture
on my model from a corner. It is a very simple method but works pretty ok ;).

@DragonHardy: To make the Grass work I had to render with the CPU which is ~20% the speed of my GPU. It took ~1,5h. The other renders took ~10min because there is no Grass and I used the GPU. I watched a movie or went jogging when I rendered another image :smiley: .

Very good work. Modeling and texturing are top notch and the grass renders were great. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Blendermann!

For anyone interested here is also an older version of this image without the motion blur so that you can see the grass better.
It also has different colors because i play around with the colors after each render.