The Exodus...again (Ennemy warship!)(updated with texture!!)

(Ecks) #1


Hi everyone…after a week like this (I had a lot of homeworkd/project to do for school) I felt like it was time to make the ennemy mothership that will figure in my short full movie name: The Exodus. The ennemy will be the specy Yumahne…don’r ask me why…you will al learn why I choose that name in the full story of the movie when I will release it! and remember this is an early wip…I make that in one hour and a half…

Here a pic:
(is it too bit?)

here are two other pics:

Please tell me what you think of it. c&c are always welcome! :smiley:

(Ecks) #2

uhmmm 55 view and no comement…I hope it dont mean my model is bad :-?
I will continu it and I will post an update in a couple of hour and then I hope to have comemnt and suggestion! :smiley:

(Nayman) #3

your modeling is getting quite good x warrior, you have prgressed steadily, and it is reallyu starting to look good. I would go in, add a few smaller details and perhaps bevel the edges.

I wih you luck!

(Ecks) #4

Tx for the comment! :smiley: :smiley:
just one thing…I know sgt. queak will not like me to ask that (hehe) but how to bevel???

(Ecks) #5


OK I added some detail and the guns (hehe). I made some texture try…I want to know if the planet texture is correct…don’t mind about the “force field” texture, it was just a try I will change it later. and Plz give me some comment and suggestion now! Thanks! :smiley:

Here is a pic of the boost!
And this is a pic of the secondary turret:

Tx for your comments!

(Andy Goralczyk) #6

[i though i should better comment this]
that’s a great start for a spaceship… add some more detail, bevel the edges and apply good textures and i will rock… :smiley:
the lighting could be improved, use spotlights with very soft shadows…


(ScottishPig) #7

It’s a good start, though it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when you said `War Ship’… ahem…

…Good work, nice textures.

(Ecks) #8

uhmm well, the ship is not finish so I have to remake all the gun and add more on all his side so he can fire everywhere! :smiley:

Tx for the comments!

(Ecks) #9


OK i added some texture, I just want to know what you think of them! Tell me if they are cool looking or …

I hope you like them! :smiley:

(Bapsis) #10

Thats looking great!!! I love your attention to detail, and due to the ships size im sure its quite an ambitious project (dont you just love those?). :wink:
Anyway, cant wait to see this in the “Finished” forum. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(olaf) #11


that’s a real cool looking spaceship i like your modeling a lot.
The textures on the ship are looking very good especially the emit texture!!! Try some bumps too…
About the bevelling…, that’s a thing that drives me crazy in blender, you have to do that before you begin with a cube and then work out your details.
Have a look in the Question&Answer forum there’s a tute made by Pofo which explains how to make bevels that helped me a lot or maybe model with surfaces, then in the edit buttons you can bevel that thing too.

HTH Olaf.

(Aksy) #12

WOW!! Extremely good model… And textures too :smiley:

If u put some bevel…perfect… :o

(Ecks) #13

Wow! more comment! Thanks alot! I will soon post another update with more part textured.

…and due to the ships size im sure its quite an ambitious project (dont you just love those?

Yea this ship is for a BIG animation I am doing (The Exodus). It will be “ennemy” mothership. I just want to know something:

Do you think I should release the story now or wait until I release the first part of the movie? Please tell me…because I am confuse…Thank everyone!

(Ecks) #14

Hey hi everybody…here another update!!! now fully textured, I only ahve to make the gun now… :smiley:

some other angle of view:

I hope you like it! (I know that the texure is stretch/wrong placed at some place but I don’t care because when we will see it in the anim iit will be when a fighter pass by but the attention of the viewer (???) will be on the fighter…I hope you understand :wink:

Do you think I should release the story now or wait until I release the first part of the movie?

(S68) #15


I like it a lot, very nice lit windows all over.

I find the red painting not that nice… to flat? too red? can’t tell…

we want the movie


(CubeFan973) #16

SKPJason’s not telling us the plot of “The Last Outpost.” Everyone’s waiting for it. Don’t tell us the plot. It seems to attract attention.

(banana_sock) #17

first off i’d like to say its a great model. It seemed a bit blockish at first but that was cos you had just started. I love the texture on the back half, but the blue glowing dots seem to look a bit off. It’s not bad or anything, i just think that part of the texture isn’t as good as the other half. Definitely don’t release the script, that will make it boring when the movie comes out. You might want to just give us an idea of what its about, but don’t give away too much. Can’t wait to see it!

(Ecks) #18

OK thanks for the reply! Sorry for you guy that don’t like the red painting or the blue window…but I don’t have anymore time to work on it! sorry. I will just add some gun as soon as I can, then work on some fighter and on some bomber. I will not release the script but I will tell you the “general” story:

It’s about a specy called “The Yuhm” that must exode their planet because its no longer habitable (polution/nuclear war/chimical war etc…) After a very very long journey they finally find a planet but they have to fight again a specy called Mhane to have it…but something more dangerous is coming…something as old as the galaxy…something that do not know fear…

(The initial story that I made was not like this but yesterday night I didn’t sleep much so I had time to remake all the story! and I think this one is much better!) :smiley:

I hope you like it!