The Exodus Teaser pics

It’s been a while since we’ve post some images, I mean real images, of our movie. Long time ago, I said that we would have a trailer ready for the 1st of January and well the trailer is in production at the moment but it’s not finish so we decided to show you some pic. So here are the teaser pic :stuck_out_tongue: :
In this pic, you can see some starship of the Yuhm fleet. The big starship have been created and textured by Skontar but the fighters have been made by Dittohead, they have all been placed in the scene by me.
In this image, you see 2 Mhane tanks. They have been modelled by Dittohead and Textured by me.
This image have been completle made by Dittohead, it’s a Yuhm bomber.
Those are Yuhm dropship trying to land soldier on a planet. They have been created by me.
This is the Yuhm homeworld, created by @ce
This is the Yuhm homeworld again, but in another part of the story…and you’ll know what’s happenning in the movie so don’t ask me :stuck_out_tongue: and it have been created by @ce
Again, it’s the Yuhm homeworld, the text has a small plot it in itself, try guessing what :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok that’s all for the moment, the trailer will come faster than you think so prepare yourself for it :wink:

We hope you all like the teaser image :smiley:

The general story:
The story is about a species, The Yuhm that goes on an Exodus, for their planet is no longer habitable

PS: I want to mention that there is other member that work on the movie aswell. It’s just that they are working on some bigger thing like character model etc…

From all the member of the MythologyX crew, we wish you an HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

wow :o

Models and everything by Blender? [Not textures of course.]

very nice work :slight_smile:

looking forward it complete

That s really freat. Such cool pics and the trailer from Out of Memory, that is the greatest begin in a new Year :wink:

I can t wait to see your trailer!!!

Except the text in the last image, and the halo…everything is blender made :smiley:

Thanks to everybody for those comment :smiley: We’ll work hard on the trailer to finish it as fast as possible :smiley:

Cool ! 8)

Can’t wait for the trailer !

wow! in blender? everyday blender goes above my expectations as a free program. i guess its only as good as the artist, so im gonna keep working (ive only made a landscape and a little robot). just wondering, how long has “Exodus” been in production?

Well, I think it all begin last summer, I wanted to make a short animation of about 2min. It was only a space battle. Then I wanted to make something like an alien species attack a planet and the people on the planet try to excape. It was suppose to be like 10 min. and finally in october, I think, I wrote a message here to ask for some help, Skontar replied and offer his help so we created MythologyX. We worked a bit on the story and the short became a movie. As the weeks passed new member come in…now we are 23. At first, it took some time before we had some model but now every thing is going well and we’re planning of releasing the trailer around mid of January :smiley:

I hope you will all like it :smiley:
Happy new Year :Z

whoa they all look amazing :o :o
i hope this actually gets finished!

for this to NOT get completed it would be a miracle because 23 people would have to simultaneously give up!!!

they are great pics and i like the landscape who done that??? :wink: :wink:


Very nice, cant wait for the full movie :wink:


i love those pictures, and i can only think of two little bits ot criticism:
the lasers/guns on those tanks look a little wierd, although when animated they’ll probably be better
not making that text big enough to read!

don’t make us wait to long, this looks too good to miss.

Tx everybody! We really appreciate your comments…word like that coming from a good blenderhead like you imgranpaboy, this really encourage us! Tx all :smiley:

Alltaken: lol :Z

very nice job

when the trailer will be ready?

I really liked the space scene at the bottom. You mentioned the halo was added externally, by that are you meaning the sun?

I especially liked the sun, lighting, and nebulas, including the one around the sun, that looked very cool, wish I could do similar work, someday I hope to, any pointers would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Good job all around, looking forward to seeing the final product.

Well what I mean by “halo” is the effect in the lens…you know those colourfull circle you see?..except that EVERYTHING is blender :Z

@ce is an ace of particle :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh, that’s actually what I had meant to say, some people call that a lens flare as well (the colored circle artifacts you get when pointing a camera at or near a light source).

lol ya, sorry. I used the wrong word…Because in photoshop, it’s call a Halo but yea I was talking bout the lens flare :stuck_out_tongue: :Z