The Exodus website, new things added

Hi all,

been some time since we posted something here. Well we decided to give you some more info on the story. So we added 2 section to the website.

First, there is the Officer’s journal
This part consist of the journal of an officer (:p). It will help the public to stick abit more to the movie when it come out. We’ll update this section after the release of each part.

Also there is the Yuhm timeline
This is the complete story of the Yuhm (Yuhm is the main species in the story for the persons that don’t know). Sometime in the story, characters will refer to something that have taken place in the past and you’ll need to read the timeline to understand correctly.

Now the website, same as before just follow the link to the new sections!

Plz give us your comment (or sugegstion)!

PS: here’s a eye candy…just for you guys

Nice eye-candy. I can hardly wait for the movie to come out. Great site too- I don’t like the design (not that I can do better…), but nice content anyway.

thanks SP :wink:


PS: if someone don’t know…SP made the design…

i get an error.

Unable to determine IP address from host name for

uhmm…it work nice here…I heard my host had problem with person living in europe…sorry if you live there and I know lots of person live there…try refreshing or reclicking the link…I don,t know…

sorry for the incovenience…I’ll get a new host at the end of the month

nah. i live in the great north - Canada.

i still can’t get it and ive tried it on a few different computers. I’ll just wait until tomorrow then try again.

In quebec? cool :smiley: me too…I live near montreal.

anyway I don’t know why it don’t work…the server is in USA…anyway we’ll see tomorrow if it work or not… :-?

Xwarrior! There are som serious bugs on the exodus site. you sholud redo all the links. And whats up with the current linking system?

Well the only ‘‘know’’ bug is when you click on trailer…then the other link don’t work anymore…but I don’t think there is any other bug…can you plz tell us?

Tx for replying…

the look of the navbar + logo is cool, but the rest of the page…frankly…sucks. i could help you a bit if you ask kindly. %|

well you and scottish pig could work together on the webpage if you want…If you can do better…download our source and remake it…the nshow ti to me…and I’ll see…but for now SP made a good job, he is a hard worker (when he have time ;)) so I have no reason to have a new webmaster…

The problem is quite simple! The first page has been copied to all the other but when you click the trailer linke you go to a page where the links are wrong or pointed at the developers harddrive. It’s a well known mistake.

Hope i helped :Z