the F word... F key, actually.

Hi. I’m currently taking the academic approach to learning Blender, i.e. Reading the Manual, being in the middle of the Lights chapter. Yet surfing some tutorials I was shocked to discover a modelling tool that seems to be quite important(I now understand some drawn examples I had seen), which is a)the ability to add vertex on MESHES(the manual only explains this is possible with NURBS objects) by pressing ctrl+lmb, and more importantly b) the ability to convert a group of vertex into a face. I am not impressed at all by this tool. In fact it seems quite logical and basic, still I have no recollection of it being described on the current “official” documentation(the mediawiki). Is it not there or did I just missed it/forgot it? Shouldn’t it, well, BE THERE??? Is there more about this command I should know?

Also, a secondary question I remembered. When extruding, after the vertex duplication process the program enters GrabMode automatically, but movement is restricted to the normal of the surface(as far as I can tell). Is there any way to move a face with the same restriction without having to extrude it? That is, to restrict the movement to a normal vector not corresponding with the absolute X,Y or Z directions?

thankyou very much.

Hi this page

To create a face, select three or four suitable vertices and press FKEY.



well, I can see why I didn’t retained it, though. And about the grab thing?

if you look at the header on the bottom of the screen - it has a menu on orientation - global, local, normal, view, - set it to normal. Then the manipulator will use the normal direction. Also your second x,y, or z keypress will use that (your first keypress will use global).

That is documented in the wiki release notes under transform regarding the second keypress - but the normal, view, etc. might be in the regular wiki (it was added in 2.37 I think? anyway is fairly recent …)


If you like the F key you’ll love shift-F and alt-F, which are also less than eye-catching in the documentation. Have a look at this thread for those and other interesting hotkeys.