"The Face" of my own

Hello BlenderHeads,

My name is Christiaan Bakker for those who don’t know. I’ve started working on a model of my own body today. I’ve tried before, and now I’m trying again.



Well. That’s the first of the series of work in progress images. I’m actually making this model because I want to use it in FantaCratia. I just would like to see my face done!

Thanks for viewing the images. Please feel free to give comments on the topology, material, ‘neutral lighting’ and the quality of the reference pictures.


- AniCator

you should try Mr. Bomb’s videotutorial on facemodelling, that’ll improve it dramatically. the edgeloops aren’t what their supposed to be. Good start nontheless, keep going.

AniCator, your reference photos have some major perspective distortion, which will throw off your modeling. I believe Photoshop has filters that can correct the distortion, somewhat, and the Gimp can as well, but it’s a bit more complicated, since I don’t think the Gimp has a dedicated filter.

Your best bet is to retake the reference photos using a set up that produces less distortion: camera on a tripod with a telephoto lens, as far from you as possible and still get a decent sized image. The further away the camera is, the closer the image is to orthagonal.

Thanks for your comments,

I’ve seen that GIMP filter. But I can’t remember where it is. I’ll have to check out the GIMP.
I’ll reply as soon as I can with new reference images. BleedForMe, can you give me the link of Mister Bombs tutorial. I’m checking out a series of ‘Organic Modelling’ videos. But it uses 3dsMax and it uses ‘Splines’.

Thanks again,

- AniCator


This is an interesting idea. I might do the same thing to my family members. :wink:

Keep in mind that a human face is usually not perfectly symmetrical. If you take a front-faced photo of yourself and split it down the middle and flip both sides to create two faces, you will be surprised at how different each face looks. :slight_smile:

The nose needs a lot of work to get the dimensions down correctly to be more filled in. Your nose has a rounded triangular look and the model is more pointy…almost to the point of looking concave.

The finished model’s angle doesn’t lend well to comparing the original photos. I’d recommend adding two more just like it but side-by-side comparisons of the photos.

Have fun,

I thought of doing this, but I’m too ugly XD… anyway it’s a decent start, but you need to fix your reference images and tweak the model… the skin texture looks pretty good at the moment (even though it’s probably not your final texture). later on when you’re finishing up add freckles and add more red around the cheek areas (use vertex painting for this one I think), add maybe a small zit or two (nobody’s perfect, and it makes it seem more realistic =D), those are just a few tips that I can think of off the top of my head…other than maybe add thin hairs all around the face…hmmmm…right now you need modeling help from the looks of it (no offense)…mrbombs video tutorial should help a lot…I’ll find it in a minute…and ya, pm me if you have any questions, or need any help… I’ll try

edit: here are the tutorials http://www.montagestudio.org/Site/Tutorials.html