The Fall of Lamron: HELP NEEDED

The game has some pretty far, but not far enough. We really are lacking in certain areas, if you can help, please do!

Currently, we need:
Animators (really good animators)
Level Designer (someone who can model a good level, i.e. ground. GLSL is not our idea right now, but if you can do that, it’s a plus)
Modeler (We need human and evil creatures bad. If you are good at modeling these, post!)
Rigger (Maybe to make the animators job easier, we need someone who can rig)
More Modelers (we could always use another modeler or two for other odds and ends)

Post your work, and I’ll see if you can do the job! If I pick you, I’ll E-mail you the DEV forums, sign up there, that’s where everything is going on.

Thank you a lot!


If you really want some advice…I suggest that you post your latest progress to attract members. Lately, very little progress has come from you guys and I don’t believe you haven’t done anything. Some screens or game-play videos are the types of things that draw in crowds. You’ve been at this for a really, reallly, really long time and if you don’t have anything concrete then why not take what you have and make a small demo…that is if you wanted the advice! :slight_smile:

| Sanguine |


Yes, add some pictures. That’s 100% correct. I’m super busy on my game or I’d help…