The Fantastic Suzanne

My tribute to Blender… :wink:

Breakdown here:



How long did that take you?

And you’ve used the new version of blender to make this. Quite detailed, a cross between star wars and batman.

Well I think that is just awesome! Excellent work

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Wooow! Woooooow! Its really awesome. Congrats! :star_struck:

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Very nice, inspiring :slight_smile:

Hey, This is just a fantastic piece of work, the way you used such eclectic shapes and forms is beautifully done - the details seem to be very well planned out and those decals just put the icing on the cake - chrome in all the right places :+1: :+1:
Very very nice job - Thanks for sharing :smile:


Tks a lot…

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I made this in my free time. So, take me a lot of time.
Made in 2,82 version and textured in Substance Painter.

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Tks Guilherme :wink:

In side the turbines even have some flare to them, great job.

Super. So many details!

I featured you on BlenderNation :tada: Enjoy your weekend!

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Nice work… looks like it’s straight out of the showroom…

Just incredible!!! When does it go into full-production? :wink:

Impressive modelling. The buttons in the 8th picture kind of distract you from the rest of the interior as they are multi coloured. If the buttons were one colour like silver, I think it would be better. Apart from that, everything looks great. Good job!

You stuffed a lot of imagination into it. Great job.

OMW this is amazing, the detail is insane. well done!

Looks awesome! I have one question though… What exactly is that big ol’ V10 powering?

Great work and design.

Nice seeing it here now as well. Saw this last week or week before. Looks really great. Still i think you should put it on a black background and perhaps add some smoke :slight_smile: