The Favor - in Progress Animated short

I’m currently working on a 3-4 minute short, While I’m sculpting and retopping models I need a break to keep from going nuts so I work on how I’m going to accomplish certain scenes, my first move was to use dynamic paint for the sledding, pretty happy so far.

Characters so far

Very cool use of dynamic paint! Looking forward to more developments. Good luck!


Dynamic paint when it works is glorious, but most of the time getting it to do what you want is like herding cats with a water hose.

The second effect I’m trying to use it for is a particle system that would be ejected form a characters mouth to fog up a window then an invisible brush on their finger would be able to draw into it, but the effect keeps going long after I tell it to stop… I’m thinking I’ll be better off still using dynamic paint but with a cone object drawing the fog with the characters movements.

That’s awesome… really looks smooth