The Finishing Move

I’m having some problems with lighting on this one. It depicts a chessboard with boxing ring-like ropes. The only chess pieces left (apart from the two kings) are the white queen and a single black pawn. The queen is about to “give the chair” to the pawn to take him out.
Also, I can’t pose very well, so the hands look retarded atm. And I’m not sure about the background for this one either

I welcome all crits



i think with this one you need to have a dark background but not pitch black… try lighting it with a spot, The board is a bit dark. I like the idea… should turn out good if you keep working on it. Play around with the lights… its should work out, also try turning on AO (Ambient Occlusion).

Rightio then,


P.S I have sent you an email

its difficult to see whats going on there. Improve the lighting

wow, great advice! (note the sarcasm) Improve the lighting?? He already knows that he needs to improve the lighting, thus the reason he said:

@ JCTiger:
I recommend reading up on lighting. From the Blender Documentation. But if you don’t really want to read all that (important stuff to know) then:
Try this page out for some lighting setups and a bit of an explaination on lighting in Blender.
Also, making the environment dark would be a good idea, think of how a boxing ring is lit, I recommend trying to emulate that.

Thanks for the posts guys, and the links Soter. Lightining is probably my weakest point.
I’m not sure about having a dark background though, I think that might take away more of the effect.
I’ll try some serious tweaking on everything and see what happens