The first/last One

Hi all! I wanted to see if I can make realistic leaf… And I created my first ever modeled, not add-on tree from one single vert :slight_smile:
Cycles, 200 samples and Photoshop. (I think that I’ll render another image from different point of view in few next hours)
Rate, comment and enjoy :slight_smile:
Click for max resolution

Wow hand modeled?! very impressive clap clap

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I modeled it myself because I was tired of fake, ugly procedural trees and I find it’s only right way to make realistic trees :slight_smile:

I’m not getting more feedback… Is my work so bad? Really. It’s just my first tree. Every person not familiar with cg graphics said it’s amazing. I would be nice to see what blender users think about it. Really.

Nice and simple.

Thank you :slight_smile: In my opinion it’s not so simple when looking at process of creating one tree. I made few branches, added leaves and I modeled a tree using the same method that I used for branches but in this case I sculpted it. Branches has to be disabled in the viewport because it made my scene too slow to do anything. Some shots from “behind the scenes” :slight_smile: Is it good method and well made model? Do you know any better ways of creating realistic trees (apart from add-on one)?

After some time… Don’t you think that I added too many branches?

Don’t worry it’s not that your work is bad it’s just that the viewer/comment ratio is quite strange on BA

btw it looks beautiful

Very nice! The tree is stunning : )

Only thing that i find slightly off is the aggressive transition from the triangles to the frosty grass on the front + the empty space between the frosty grass and triangles on the right.

Thanks. I haven’t seen this and actually I had no idea what I could add there. I wanted it to be like grass gets frosted, than dissapears and than ground tears into triangle pieces. Maybe I could have add there some smaller floating triangles that would fill that gap between frosted grass and no grass conditions.

It’s beautiful! The colors are amazing, very pleasing to look at!

My only comment would be to move the camera up a little bit, it’s a little bothering to be off center. You’ll have to add something interesting to look at (yet not too distracting) above the tree though to fill in that empty space.

I don’t think the branches are too dense at all, that’s one of the things that makes it look so good. I also love the mix between realism and low-poly, you’ve pulled it off very nicely! I’d love to know how you made that trunk too, it looks great.

Keep up the good work!

this is great! i would be proud of this if i was you.

I’m glad you like it, guys :slight_smile:
@Peter G
I made the trunk out of a single vert that I extruded, modeling basic shape of tree. I used skin modifire and adjusted thickness of branches, roots etc. I don’t remember exacly, but I think I also used displacement modifire with bark texture. Finally I sculpted it to make the tree look more random and belivable.

Hi!! Very well done i liked the concept very much… and well suited title. transition was good describing the image very well. nice color scheme, well modeled keep it up…
and a personal suggestion never worry about having less comments or reviews. if you enjoyed making it, eventually other people will enjoy it too… instead worry about how will you make your next art more enjoyable for yourself cos at the end… a Good ART is a Good ART :slight_smile:

Tejas Yadav.

Beautiful one. How long it took you to create this tree?

If you don’t mind creating a tutorial, I would love to see it.
Pozdrawiam :wink:

Very good. SheepHD is right, the best threads don’t always get commented on the most. I really like the frost on the grass.

About tutorial: I mostly said how I made it. I can also say that branches are kind of based on fractal geometry.

And that frosted grass is actually decimated grass mesh with diffuse material. If you were curious about it. Simple as… :wink: